Eurocash Enterprise Academy

Eurocash Enterprise Academy was prepared for those persons who were born to be entrepreneurs and would like to run their own business. We offer a great opportunity to start your own grocery store under a well-known trade-mark with a comprehensive business support during the initial phase. Before you start the program, you will take part in comprehensive business trainings - it’s a great opportunity for development of your entrepreneurial skills!

As a partipiciant of Eurocash Enterprise Academy:

  • You will run your own grocery store with cooperation of Eurocash – a business partner that provides the most favourable conditions for running and developing your own business
  • You will get an educational support of Eurocash Group – our trainings will develop your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills
  • You will operate within a proven business model and you will get the right formula for success
  • You will become an Entrepreneur - the captain of the ship whose business dreams will come true


  • You were born to be an entrepreneur and would like to run you own business
  • You are not afraid of risk and look for ambitious challenges
  • You expect clear rules of business cooperation
  • You want to be your own boss, create something of your own and decide for yourself
  • You are full of energy and convinced that the sky is the limit
  • You are enthusiastic and consistently positive thinking

….join us!

There is no other offer like that! Try us!

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