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The abc chain is the largest and the most dynamic retail chain in Poland. By now in excess of 8500 shops decided to join it! The abc chains has been operating and expanding  for 13 years. Initially it included 57 addresses, whereas now in year 2012 alone it was joined by as many as 350 new shops. The underlying assumption upon which the abc business is based remains unchanged: it is the owner of the convenience shop knows best how to run his business and what his customers need. 

The chain operates as a loose franchise, reflecting the Eurocash Group business approach based on partner relationships. Eurocash offers a wide range of servises, but it is an independent decision of the shop owners which of the services they want to use.

Eurocash Group offers to its abc partners marketing and organization support as well as training. The collaboration provides the franchisees with numerous benefits, which include:

  • attractive discounts in Eurocash Cash&Carries
  • promotions dedicated for abc shops only
  • wide range of private label products  
  • comprehensive marketing support  
  • promotion folder distribution 
  • outdoor visualization 
  • training system 
  • wide spectrum of additional services, which include supply of printed press, ice-cream, telecommunications services, shop equipment, fiscal software, and fleet  

Membership in the abc chain does not incur any cost of entry or licence, or shop unification with the chain standards. The only obligation is a small monthly marketing fee.

In 2012 the launched an interesting offer - abc Mini Bistro. Consumers gain an opportunity to have a hot-dog or a cup of coffee, while the shop owners can efficiently increase the shop profitability and to improve their margin. As many as 240 shops participate in the abc Mini Bistro program already.  

Solutions proposed by the abc allow the chain members to compete effectively against discounters and large format chains which began to expand in small towns as well. The abc chain provides business security, while the decision regarding the degree of involvement in the collaboration with Eurocash Group remains in the hands of the shop owners.            

For more information please visit  www.sklepyabc.pl
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