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Delikatesy Centrum

Delikatesy Centrum  chain currently comprises in excess of 900 shops.  Its offer is addressed at independent enterpreneurs, local cooperatives (GS, PSS Społem) and persons who have investment capital available and who want to run their own business nearby their place of residence. Chain members gain numerous benefits, which include:

  • guaranteed regular deliveries and offer adjusted to the needs of the local customer, with no need to worry about orders, contracts and invoices processing 
  • attractive chain visualization (logo, shop furnishing  and layout) 
  • practical support in store management 
  • efficient work organization and well proven store & personnel management methods, which result in cost reduction and allow to achieve the highest profitability possible 

What we expect from Delikatesy Centrum members is a high degree of involvement, accompanied by the willingness to invest and to work hard. What we give in return is a guarantee that 

  • there will be no other outlet within 15 minutes from your location 
  • only fast moving products will be promoted 
  • substantial changes in the assortment will be consulted with you 
  • you can count on your regional consultant comprehensive support 
  • your consultant's remuneration will depend on how you evaluate his/her work 
  • prices for the most essencial products will be maintained at the lowest level 
  • you will be able to expand your assortment to include local products which you select yourself 

Amid the growing competition, both local and national, only association with the best franchise chain will allow you to manage your business with success.

For more information please visit  www.delikatesy.pl

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