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Eurocash Serwis

Eurocash Serwis is a leader in active distribution of impulse & tobacco products, and a substantial player in alcohol distribution. We specialize in check-out zone products, and our range includes cigarettes (both traditional and electronic), tobacco and accessories, as well as confectionery products, batteries, phone cards, OTC pharmaceuticals, coffee, beverages and alcohol. We expanded our business to include input deliveries for vending machines.   

The company in its current form resulted from a merger of two leading impulse products distributors: KDWT and a part of Kolporter. 

Eurocash Serwis has in excess of 160 outlets and 13 large branches located all over Poland. Sales are carried out directly from outlets situated in Eurocash Cash&Carries, as well as through 240 sales representatives, and our telemarketing & vanselling teams.

For more information click www.serwis.eurocash.pl 

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