Group structure


The Euro Sklep chain is a trading organization which has been present in the market since 1997. It groups in excess of 500 shops in Poland.  The chain operation is coordinated by Euro Sklep Joint Stock Company seated in Bielsko-Biała.

We provide our members with comprehensive store management support:

  • we negotiate trading terms and conditions with suppliers 
  • we negotiate and sign central agreements with various services providers, such as insurance, telecommunications, pay cards 
  • we assist in the store equipment selection and purchase on preferential conditions 
  • we provide training for store owners, managers and personnel 
  • we propose computer systems adjusted to the store needs 
  • we analyse store profitability considering essencial economic parameters 
  • we provide legal counsel, and professional support through regular visits or our Coordinators 
  • we ensure central provision of all auxiliary materials

Moreover, we provide a wide range of marketing services:

  • store plan with the use of modern sales technologies 
  • optimum layout with proper assortment and product placement on shelf 
  • uniform indoor and outdoor chain visualization 
  • loyalty programs and consumer competitions 
  • season posters and 12 promotional folders each year 

What we value in our relationships is the maturity of our partners and the will to collaborate on friendly terms. We treat each franchisee individually, and this approach ensured our success.

Our creed is:  'Polish merchants build the Polish part of Europe'.

For more information please visit  www.eurosklep.eu

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