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Groszek is a nationwide chain of self-service food stores located nearby. It has been in the market since 2000, and groups in excess of 1100 outlets throughout the country, located both in large cities and in small towns. The Groszek chain offers a well proven franchise model which allows the franchisees to retain their independence while providing strong support on key issues in terms of trade, marketing and operations. As chain organizer, Groszek puts emphasis upon numerous promotions, competitions and regular loyalty activities, which are an additional incentive for the consumers to come and shop.

Each franchisee obtains:

  • continuous support from chain representative 
  • access to system of trainings for the shop owner, manager and personnel regarding customer service, merchandising and chain standards 

The Groszek  chain supports the franchisees from the very beginning by means of:

  • outdoor visualisation and indoor store arrangement 
  • sales floor plan 
  • assortment adjusted to the local market, prepared individually for each franchisee 
  • support on optimum product placement on shelf 
  • supply of efficient IT solutions which enable, among other things, placing orders via Internet
  • operations manual which includes all chain procedures 

Groszek also supports retailers in their activities for the local community, contributing to organization of events.

For more information please visit  www.groszek.com.pl

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