Group structure


The  Lewiatan chain emerged in 1994 as an association of independent merchants. Currently it comprises nearly 2 700 stores. Its strategy implementation is supported by the Lewiatan Holding SA head office seated in  Włocławek, and by Regional Companies which, on a contract base, build and coordinate the chain in their respective regions.   

We offer:

  • competitive prices 
  • highly attractive promotions 
  • assortment which meets the expectations of the most demanding customers 
  • nearly 250 private label products, characterized by a good cost & quality relation and ensuring high sales 
  • modern technologies to support store management 
  • sales-stimulating marketing activities addressed at consumers    

Whatever we do, our underlying principle is to provide such service that will allow our customers to say: Lewiatan is a good neighbour!

For more information please visit  www.lewiatan.pl

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