Group structure


PSD, i.e. Polski Serwis Detaliczny S.A., was established to support the food cooperatives business. It coordinates the operation of the GAMA franchise chain. The chain emerged in the market only in 2010, and already groups in excess of 550 shops throughout Poland.  

Gama chain members gain:

  • delivery security  
  • better trading conditions  
  • modern IT solutions  
  • reduction of auxiliary  operation costs  

The Gama chain is a loose franchise system. The agreements signed by the PSD partners are non-obligatory. The members have the freedom to choose which elements they find useful, for instance they are not required to change their outdoor and indoor visualization. 

Moreover, the contract ensures independence of operation and the freedom to leave the project without any consequences. In return, the members undertake that they will use Eurocash Group distribution units as their main source of supply. 

The objective of the Gama chain is to support the cooperatives in maintaining their customers' loyalty as well as to expand their customer base to include the young, who expect to find a wide choice and fast, comprehensive service. Gama offers an elaborate range of fresh and regional products, comfortable product placement and convenient opening hours. Throughout Poland the Gama shops have uniform standards of visualization, basic assortment and customer service. 

For more information please visit  www.sklepygama.pl

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