We are 20 years old!

We are 20 years old!

Eurocash Group, a partner to traditional retailers, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We want to thank our clients, partners, shareholders and employees. It is with you, because of you and for you that we can consistently support the development of independent stores, which today are rediscovering their strength and are slated to remain the most important segment of the Polish distribution market.

Commenting on the event, Luis Amaral, CEO of Eurocash Group, said:
“Consistency in action, listening to the needs of clients and consumers, and fostering the spiriting of entrepreneurship – these three values have been guiding Eurocash since the very beginning.

Because we listen to the voice of consumers, we know that they prefer smaller stores. They want to do their shopping close to home, but at the same time require a high level of service, appropriate assortment and attractive prices. For years, many did not believe this – but we did. And we translated belief and knowledge into action. We have been consistently supporting our clients for years, investing billions in the development of the traditional retail market, steadily growing our operating scale and providing independent stores with the tools with which they can be more competitive versus large-format stores.

The needs and rising expectations of consumers are also understood by our clients – independent retail stores. In our view, entrepreneurship remains the key factor differentiating Poland from most other European markets. It is thanks to the entrepreneurial drive of our clients, who are supported by Eurocash Group, that the small and medium store segment is once again gaining strength and is expected to remain the most important segment of the FMCG distribution market.

On the 20th anniversary of Eurocash, I want to wish all the best to our clients, partners, shareholders and employees, and look forward to continuing our successful work together!”


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